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Help us complete the Danish Nationality Room at the University of Pittsburgh

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University of Pittsburgh
Cathedral of Learning

Nationality Room
Inside the

The Nationality Rooms http://www.pitt.edu/~natrooms/ are located in the Cathedral of Learning http://www.tour.pitt.edu/tour-080.html at the University of Pittsburgh. The Cathedral is a 42-story Gothic building rising 535 feet into the sky. In 1926, when excavation was begun, then Chancellor John Bowman invited the city's ethnic communities to undertake the creation of nationality rooms.  These rooms would be used as classrooms and would follow certain guidelines including: 1. The design must be cultural and aesthetic, not political, and the period depicted should be prior to 1787, the date of the US Constitution. 2. No political symbols are permitted and no portraits or likeness of any living person may appear.3. No donor recognition may appear in the rooms.  These Rooms are so prominent in Pittsburgh that they are the 6th most visited "museum" after the great Carnegie Museums. Ebach Christmas they are decorated with each country's Christmas traditions to the delight of throngs of visitors.  The Swedish Classroom was completed in 1938, the Norwegian Classroom was completed in 1948, and the Finns are hard at work and could have theirs completed before the Danes, unless we raise the funds first.  We have a room reserved and the architectural plans completed and paid for.  In accordance with the rules, the room will depict an old farm from Rømø, and using the bow window and fireplace in the room.  We need your help to raise about $350,000 to actually construct the room.  After it is built, the University will maintain it, so there will be no further costs.  Are we going to let the last Scandinavian country defeat our efforts in creating the Danish Classroom?

Any donation is gratefully accepted.

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